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Automatic Toilet Flusher for Cats Review

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Automatic Toilet Flusher for CatsWe all know the hardest part of toilet training a cat is getting them to flush the toilet. Now you don’t have to. That’s right, for less than $225 you can have a toilet that flushes automatically after your cat, or human, uses it. This automatic toilet flusher for cats attaches to the top of the tank. When it senses movement, such as your cat’s swishing tail, it flushes. If no movement is sensed for 24 hours it will flush once exactly 24 hours from the last time it flushed just in case your cat did not trigger the motion detector. A good feature to have when you have a feline using the toilet.

Does your cat really need his own automatic toilet flusher?

If your cat is potty trained, but not adept at toilet flushing, then this is a handy gadget. If you work long days or go on vacation, it’s comforting to know your toilet won’t be filled with cat waste when you get home. Unfortunately it doesn’t get the best ratings for reliability and it is a bit pricey. It costs almost as much as a robot automatic kitty litter box. But for ingenuity and usefulness it still gets 3 stars. Really, who doesn’t want a toilet that flushes with the swish of a tail? And it’s a good idea to have for some humans in the house too.

Tips for Installing and Using the Toilet Flusher:

  • Put the sensor at a height and in a location that your cat will trigger it to activate. Before installing, watch where your cat positions itself on the toilet to know the best location for the sensor.
  • It does seem to work better for larger cats. The sensor may not see small cats.
  • You may need to buy a flowmaster kit for your toilet to make this work.

See how the automatic toilet flusher works in this video:

Need help training your cat to use the toilet? Check out this cat training kit!

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