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AuggieDog Review: The Power Tool For Scooping Poop

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Finally! A power tool for picking up poop! And it doubles as a walking stick! Just place the Auggiedog over the poop and press a button and like magic the poop disappears into a holding container at the base of your “walking stick.” You store the pooping scooping power tool in a container with biodegradable cleaner that is designed to clean the container for you.

Do you really need a power tool to pick up poop?

No you do not need to spend more than $100 on a pooper scooper when a less than $30 pooper scooper will do the job just fine. But if you have a family member or friend that owns every power tool, then this will make a great gift to add to his collection. It’s also best for dog owners that really detest scooping poop as this allows you to stay far away from the poop while keeping the yard clean. For those who can’t bend over, then this walking cane pooper scooper can be a back saver.

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