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5 Best Dog Barking Deterrent Devices

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These 5 best dog barking deterrent devices may not be what you expect. But if you use them, your dog’s excessive barking will most likely be reduced.

To stop barking dogs, you need to take a holistic approach to the problem by releasing your dog’s excess energy with more positive activities, giving him something else to do that doesn’t involve barking, and training quiet behaviors with rewards. This list of five essential dog training aids when used together will often stop barking dogs, or at least reduce your dog’s noise level down to a more appropriate and tolerable amount of barking.

Dog Barking Deterrent DevicesA Leash and Running Shoes

This is listed at the top because it is one of the best ways to stop excessive barking – get your dog’s energy out. Buy a leash for your pooch and jogging shoes for yourself. Then use the leash and jogging shoes as often as possible. Take your dog for a walk or jog at least once a day, but ideally twice a day. Make your dog your workout buddy and your canine will not have as much energy to spend on unnecessary barking. For the fashionable pooch, you can even splurge on a rhinestone dog collar and matching leash.

dog toyInteractive and Puzzle Feeder Dog Toys

Buy toys that will keep your dog busy when you are not around. Toys such as Kongs or the Everlasting Treat Ball keep dogs busy trying to lick or otherwise get the treat out of the toys. Other options for busy toys include any chew toys safe to leave with your dog while unsupervised, the Babble Ball, which makes noises and talks when played with, battery powered toys that catch a dog’s attention, and other toys your dog will play with by himself. Dogs don’t normally bark while playing with a favorite toy, unless they bark in play at the toy. To ensure your dog’s toy does keep him busy and does not become something he gets bored with, only give him the toy periodically and don’t leave it out all the time. Click here to see some of the best interactive toys for dogs.

remote dog trainerRemote Dog Trainer

The MannersMinder is a device that allows you to reward your dog for any good behavior remotely. To train a dog to not bark, you have to reward your dog when he’s quiet. The quickest way to begin training any desired behavior is to reward with treats. But training a dog to not barks is difficult, as the dog often barks when you are not around.

With the MannersMinder you can work on teaching quiet behaviors with your dog when standing next to him and from a distance, like from behind a backyard fence. When your dog is quiet, you press the remote and a treat is released. Eventually, your dog learns that being quiet is rewarding. With regular training sessions, your dog will form a new habit of being quiet rather than barking and a treat for every quiet moment won’t be necessary.

The MannersMinder System comes with a booklet and DVD to teach owners how to effectively use the system for teaching a variety of behaviors. The bonus is that training sessions with your dog will also put his excess energy toward more positive behaviors.

Another option is to get a pet cam that gives treats. With one of these you can train your dog from anywhere and give treats for being calm and quiet even when you are not home.

A Dog Crate

Keeping your dog indoors while you are gone will remove much of the stimuli that make him feel he must bark. However, you may not trust your dog in the house alone. For these dogs, buy him a crate to spend time in while you are away from the house. Used for only a few hours at a time (they do need a bathroom break and free time), crates actually become a den and give security and comfort to a dog. That security and containment can cut down on annoying barking.

dog barking deterrent devices 2Collars as Dog Barking Deterrent Devices

Although collars for barking dogs should be a last resort, they are very effective at stopping unwanted barking. If you’ve tried every training aid and consulted with a dog trainer, you may have a dog in which barking is just part of his nature. For these dogs, owners may be facing a choice between having to give up the family pet due to neighbor complaints about your dog breaking local noise ordinance laws or investing in a bark collar.

There are two basic options for bark collars that are most effective, the citronella bark collar and a shock collar. Citronella bark collars release a spray of nontoxic citronella mist toward the dog’s nose when the dog barks. Some owners are more comfortable using a citronella collar because it does not involve electric shocks. However, some persistent dogs don’t mind the mist and can empty the citronella container in an hour or two.

The most effective electric bark collars are ones that apply a correction automatically and instantly when a dog barks and won’t correct when a dog is quiet. Look for a collar that has several levels of correction starting with a tone as a warning.

If you are concerned about using such a collar, there are several things you can do to put your mind at ease. First, read the instruction booklet from beginning to the end to ensure that you are using the collar correctly and safely. For example, you can’t put a bark collar on a dog while she is wearing any other collar because the friction can cause the bark collar to activate. Secondly, test the collar on yourself. Rub the collar on your arm or hand and you’ll feel what your dog will feel. You’ll find that at the lowest level, the shocked received is about the same or less than a shock you might get after rubbing your feet on the carpet and then touching metal. Thirdly, know that most dogs learn very quickly with these collars. They may only ever receive one correction at the lowest level to know that when wearing the bark collar, being quiet is the more comfortable choice. If they forget, the collar gives a tone as a warning that most dogs respond to by stopping barking.

Now you know how to get a dog to stop barking. But you also need to know that it will only improve if you make the commitment to changing your dog’s ways through proper use of these dog barking deterrent devices and quality time spent with your furry friend. There isn’t going to be one magic fix that quiets your dog. To stop barking dogs a combination of dog training elements will be required for success.

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