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3 Great Toys for Kittens

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These great toys for kittens will keep them entertained and exercised. Although no guarantees they won’t still hunt your feet as you walk by.

Cat toy ball track The Ball in a Track Play Circuit

The Hagen Catit is tube sections that can be assembled into several different configurations. Shapes, circles and whatever else you imagine. A ball is inside the tube encourages your kitten to exercise and play with it for hours on end. Holes in the tubes allow the kitten to push the ball and elevated end pieces keep the ball moving back and forth. It also comes in a value bundle that contains extra pieces for your cat to play with. The Hagen Catit is a great way to invigorate your bored cat or highly energetic kitten.

toys for kittens Catit Design Senses Treat Maze

This is great enrichment toy for your cat. It is a tower with several levels for treats. Openings in the tubes are big enough for the cat to put their paws in and slide the treat down to the bottom tray. An adjustable disk allows you to determine the difficulty it will be for kitty to get a treat. A tray at the bottom of the stack will collect all the food so the cat can eat it. It is designed to integrate with other Hagen cat toys.

Da Bird Cat ToyDa Bird Cat Toy

What kitten doesn’t enjoy the thrill of the hunt? Da Bird Cat Toy gives your cat this excitement. The two-part wand can be attached with the realistic looking “bird” dangling to allow your cat to stalk and jump on its prey, which will spring away for the cat to try again. The 36-inch rod is in two parts with a 32-inch string. The bird feathers look real and encourage your cat’s natural instincts to stalk.

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