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3 Funny Halloween Costumes for Dogs

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Elvis Costume Halloween Costume for Dogs

If your dog is outgoing and likes to be the life of the party, then let him party like the king. The flashy jumpsuit copy and red scarf are good copies of the real thing. The Elvis costume comes in several sizes to fit large and small breed dogs. Think of the swoons he’ll get when he helps you hand out treats to your visitors.


ghost costume for dogsScared Ghost Riding a Dog

This features a white ghost riding on a dog, and the ghost is the one looking scared. It only weighs 2.4 ounces, making it appropriate for smaller and medium sized dogs weighing 10 to 50 pounds. This is a good Halloween costume for dogs that do no tolerate full body costumes or hats. There are several versions that have different riders such as a headless horseman and a jack-o-lantern head in brown, orange and green.


Security Dog CostumeSecurity Dog Costume

For any party, you need security, right? What better bouncer than your dog with a black security shirt? He will roam your party keeping things in order while looking for treats. He can come to the door to keep the trick-or-treaters in line. This shirt comes in various sizes to fit your dog small or large.



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